Studio X

  • 3319 B Raeford Road
  • Fayetteville, NC 28303
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Studio X

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Reviewed by Tara Griffin on 03/22/2011

Wonderful Studio and Staff

I visited Studio X for the first time in July 2010 for a Karol Helms workshop. The staff at the studio was very friendly, it was almost as though we knew each other for years, how easily we got along. They were very encouraging. The inside of the studio was clean, nicely set up, and the equipment in great condition. The pricing is very fair and classes are convenient. This studio makes the 3-4 hour drive worth every minute to visit them.

Reviewed by Samantha Paradise on 03/22/2011


I have been lucky enough to visit this studio twice (I live in the Charleston area) and both times I was blown away! In fact I was about to give up pole when I took my first visit there but after such a wonderful experience I once again fell in love with pole! The staff is easy going very encouraging and knows what they are doing. The studio was very cute and fun. Wish I lived closer monthly membership is a steal and I would be there every day if I could. Made me want to stay forever!

Lil Minx